Hey Curlies!

Last summer’s sew in (before my chop)

Many ladies may have a sew in and may not know how to take care of it. Here are a few quick tips.

  • The most important rule is to not neglect YOUR actual hair. I know a lot of us (like me) say I bought the hair so it’s mine. lol The hair actually growing out of your scalp is what I am referring to. You have a remember to moisturize it often so that the hair will not dry out and cause unnecessary itching. Try your favorite creamy moisturizer or spray mix.
  • Spraying your extensions (aka weave in the black community) with any type of oil or heavy mixture will weigh the hair down and cause it to look very shiny and unnatural. I usually do not apply any product to the actual hair unless I am washing or conditioning. This keeps the hair very bouncy. (which we all love) 
  • You are still able to wash and condition you hair as normal. Usually I’ll dilute the shampoo and conditioner and massage both into my scalp. I do apply the conditioner directly to the hair because I want to keep the softness.
  • To deep condition, you can buy a color applicator bottle, with the pointed tip. With this bottle, you can apply the conditioner directly to your scalp, and between each track, without having the hassle of the hair track getting in the way. Apply a plastic cap and proceed as normal.
  • Remember to let your hair breath. I usually leave my sew ins in for about 2 months at the latest. It is really up to you.
2011 (before my chop)