Hey Curlies,

If you guys have been reading the blog for the past year, I used to have a section at the top specifically for deep conditioning, but once I changed the layout I decided to get rid of it. Instead, here is everything you need to know in one place.

The purpose of a deep conditioner is to strengthen the hair and provide moisture. It also contains a mix of proteins, oils and humectants.

In order for these treatments to penetrate, heat must be used for a timely manner, about 30 minutes or more. You can also add light oils to your treatment including, jojoba, olive and coconut.

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I usually deep condition for hours at a time (using my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap), especially if I have been swimming. If you don’t have time to deep condition for hours, at least 30 minutes will be okay. I tell everyone who is interested in healthy hair that deep conditioning is key.

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Products I use to deep condition:

  • WonderCurl’s Deep Treatment Mask
  • TRESemme Naturals
  • Shea Moisture’s Superfruit Complex Hair Masque
Q: Is it OK to use a regular instant conditioner as a deep conditioner?

A: I say that it is OK to use your regular conditioner to deep condition, although you would probably get better results if you use a product designated for deep conditioning as they are usually thicker.

One of my favorite products to deep condition with is TRESemme Naturals. Although it isn’t qualified as a “deep conditioner” it works well for me. Sometimes you have to see what works specifically for you. I do still use products designed for “deep conditioning.”

Things to remember:

  • Use a plastic cap when deep conditioning to trap in the moisture (I used a Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap)
  • Use heat when deep conditioning if possible. This can be done by sitting under a hooded dryer or wrapping a towel around the plastic cap or using a Hot Head.
  • Apply a generous amount of the conditioner to your hair, especially the ends
  • I recommend deep conditioning weekly
  • Always rinse with cool water after deep conditioning. This method closes the cuticle to trap in the moisture from the conditioner