Hey Curlies,

If I ever see anyone who is struggling with their relaxed hair, I always persuade them to go natural. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Some people really enjoy their hair relaxed and that’s okay. Everyone has their preferences and I am not here to knock anyone for what they may like.

I really just wanted to list a few advantages of being natural so if someone is sort of on the fence, this should help.

  • You can go swimming whenever you like and do not have to worry about your hair(more info)
  • Unless you become a product junkie, you will not spend $50+ every 2 weeks to get your hair done
  • It honestly gives you this “unwritten rule” of freedom
  • When someone ask “Is that yours?” you can say yes proudly
  • You stand out from the crowd
  • No more scalp burns
  • You can scratch whenever you want
  • Hair is much stronger than relaxed hair
  • Very versatile (curly one day or straight the next)
  • Healthier hair and scalp
  • It’s cheaper
  • Rainy days aren’t bad hair days
  • Moisture retention is higher
  • Gives you a chance to learn more about yourself and embrace you,naturally
  • You really do learn to love styling and washing your hair
  • New styling options (braid-out,twist-out,etc)
  • Scalp isn’t as dry

Can you think of anymore? Add to the list below