Hey Curlies,

Lots of people in the natural hair community complain about how they are not the best stylist, so instead they just throw their hair into a puff. Problem is, they have a major headache by the end of the day, if not a few hours into the day.

So how do you create a puff on naturally curly hair without pain?

There are endless ways to sport this cute do and still remain comfortable.

Tip No. 1

If you are using a headband, remember that it is only a headband and that it was made to only go around your head once. You can manipulate this headband to stretch out even more so that it can wrap around your head more than once.

MORE: Try to stretch your headband by wrapping it around any circular object lying around. I use to use one of the columns on my bed. The more you use the headband, the more it will stretch out.



Tip No. 2

Use a decorative ribbon that you may have to create a puff. You would simply tie the ribbon around your hair instead of sliding it back. This also add a little more class to your style.

Tip No. 3

Something that almost every woman has lying around is a pair of knee high stockings. This material is very flexible and will not tug on your hair causing loss in comfort. Cut off the leg of the stocking and use it to tie your hair into a loose puff.

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