Hey Curlies,

I’m not sure where you all are located, but where I’m from it is freezing! I’m happy to finally see double digits this week. For almost two weeks straight we suffered negative temperatures and over a foot of snow. The entire state of Indiana shut down. Yeah, I know.

It’s like how do you care for your hair in weather like this?

If my eyelashes were nearly freezing, what’s my hair on my head doing?

I can’t be the only one going through this. Here are a few tips for caring for your hair in extremely cold temperatures.

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Tips for caring for curly hair in cold temperatures - ClassyCurlies

  • If at all possible, wear some sort of hat. I’m not an avid hat wearer, but I become one quickly. Find a cute winter hat to protect your hair. Beanies work as well!
  • Switch to heavier butters and creams to moisturize your hair. Shea butter has been my best friend these last few weeks
  • Protective styling is a must! Yes, rocking your boss afro may seem ideal to keep you warm, however you hair is suffering. Cold air causes hair to become brittle, dry and prone to breakage

TIP: Do not apply coconut oil to your hair before going outside. It will literally almost freeze. If it is organic and extra-virgin, it will solidify at cooler temps causing your hair to feel extremely stiff.