Hey Curlies,

Mini twists tutorials? A guide for mini twists? How to care for your mini twists? It’s all right here.
In honor of the summer season, I thought I’d share a few of my mini twist posts with you all. I haven’t worn mini twists in almost a year, but that there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t consider your own.

mini twists on natural hair

Below is everything you need to know about mini twists:

Mini twists with Shea Butter

Mini twists at week one 

Mini twists at week two 

How to moisturize and stretch mini twists

Listen to my 5 best tips for summer mini twists on Curly Conversations:

Mini twists nighttime routine

Curly mini twists

Mini twists at three weeks

Mini twist twistout 

Looking for the tutorial? Here it is:

Hope this helps! Makes me want to do some now… lol

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