Hey Curlies,

Doesn’t it seem as if there are so many rules to natural hair? Don’t do this, do that. Do more of this and never do that. While I usually follow rules, there are many times I don’t when it comes to natural hair.

I do a lot of things that feel natural to me and a lot of them are more common sense things or things I grew up doing.

Here are a couple of my natural hair guilty pleasures:

natural hair rules

  • Using a shampoo brush: They always say you should use the pads of your fingers to properly wash your scalp. I’ve broken this rule for several years now. Since being natural, I don’t get the luxury of having someone else wash and style my hair. I used to look forward to having my scalp scrubbed at the bowl (talk about one of the best feelings ever). Now I use a shampoo brush and while I don’t get the same feeling, it’s pretty close. Also, my scalp gets really clean!
  • Using a Denman brush: Some people say these brushes and those similar can damage curly hair because of the many teeth they have. In my opinion, any styling tool can be harmful if you’re not gentle. I use this or a paddle brush to detangle. 

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What natural hair rules have you broken? Do you use grease or have an obsession with brushing your edges?

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