Hey Curlies,

I get tons of emails from women who enjoy ClassyCurlies.com’s content on natural hair and healthy living, but they want a little more.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down with a woman who believed her hair just needed a little extra attention. She booked a 1-on-1 hair consultation with me and we chatted for about an hour or so and we put together a personalized hair regimen for her.

We talked about products she should use, techniques and lots more.

I love interacting with you all on social media and on other online platforms, but what I love even more is engaging with someone one-on-one, which is why I’m offering curly hair care consultations.

Book Your One-on-One Curly Hair Care Consultation with ClassyCurlies

If you’ve visited the Build You Brand with Us page lately, you’d notice I offer a lot of services for those looking to get their business off the ground – but the hair consultations is where you all come in.

Don’t know if you need a personal hair consultation? If any of these apply to you, I encourage you to book an appointment:
You have…

  • Trouble with styling
  • Dry hair that won’t stay moisturized and breaks easily
  • Trouble gaining confidence in your curly hair
  • Are just starting off and wanting to do the big chop but aren’t sure of the next steps
  • Looking for new products to try
Basically, if you have a problem…let’s chat about it. I’d love to hear from you.
Those in the Indianapolis area will get an in-person session, while those outside of the area will receive a video chat session.
Want to book your appointment? You can do so here.