Hey Curlies,

For this week’s Classy Style of the Week post, I wanted to drop a super simple protective style that most curly girls will find pretty easy.

This twisted high bun is great for those with little time on their hands, or for those who maybe…just don’t feel like it. Although it only takes minutes, you’ll still end up with a classic style.

Buns and side eyes.

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What you’ll need to achieve this style:

  • Your favorite creamy styler – I like Honey Baby Naturals Honey Shea Smoothie
  • Gel or edge control – optional
  • Brush
  • Headband made for creating puffs – I use an old piece of pantyhose
  • Decorative hair pins – optional
  • Bobby pins – I got mine from Target

How it’s done:

  • Apply a generous amount of styler to your hair. Be sure to focus on your edges and ends
  • Apply gel (optional) to your edges and do a light brush
  • Bring your hair into a ponytail position and create a puff using your headband
  • Fan your loose hair out and down to cover the headband
  • Split the loose hair into to sections
  • Twist (not two-strand twist) and wrap each section around the base of the headband to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins
  • Add decorative bobby pins to the base of your bun

Want more styles? See last week’s wash n go style or the ClassyCurlies YouTube channel.

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