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Natural Hair: Twist-out vs. Braid-out

Uncategorized By August 21, 2012 3 Comments

Hey Curlies, There are many different options as far as styling and stretching natural hair. Braid-outs and twist-outs are by far some of the most popular styles. I ask people this question and I also get asked this question a lot:“What do you like better, a braid-outs or twist-outs”? They both show some length,but the style as far a definition is definitely…


Essential Oils/Carrier Oils

Uncategorized By August 16, 2012 4 Comments

Hey Curlies, The key to hair growth is constantly moisturizing the hair and trapping in that moisture. A great way to seal in the moisture is to use essential oils. The common list of essential oils used for hair health are: Carrot Seed(oil) Lavender-Regulates hair’s natural scalp oils Lemongrass-Origin of lemon oil.Remove scalp buildup Rosemary-Helps stimulate blood circulation Peppermint- Helps stimulate blood circulation…


Natural Hair: Does Water Dry Hair Out?

Uncategorized By August 15, 2012 1 Comment

Hey Curlies, I’m sure you’ve all heard this before or maybe you haven’t. Many people believe that water will dry out your hair. This is the exact opposite. Water is the main moisturizer found in your everyday hair products including shampoo, conditioners and stylers. If water dried out your hair, all of us would have short hair due to…