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Victoria T. Davis is the founder of, a natural hair and healthy living site dedicated to helping women feel and look beautiful.

ClassyCurly Profile: Arij-Shelle Danielle

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Hey Curlies, Here’s another ClassyCurly profile. Get inspired!  Name: Arij-Shelle Danielle Social Media names: @__bombshelle on twitter and instagram Hair Type: 4A, Curly, Springy How long have you been natural?: I’ve been natural since November 2009. Why did you go natural?: As I matured, I came upon a discovering of self. & as soon as I accepted myself, flaws and all,…


ClassyCurls Profile: Kena S

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Another Classy Curls profile coming your way. Name: Kena Social Media names: Facebook: chocolateisnatural Twitter: @chocolateisnatu Hair Type: 4b/4c URL( if any): Monthly internet radio show How long have you been natural? 3 years Why did you go natural? I had a horrible sew in that broke my hair off terribly. When did you Big chop?  I did the bc…


Viola Davis Flaunts Natural Hair

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Hey Curlies, I was debating on whether I would cover this topic because it seems that everyone is. If you haven’t heard by word of mouth, or read on Twitter, Sunday night at the Oscars Viola Davis looked fabulous! Instead of wearing her normal wig, for the first time she has decided to flaunt her natural curls. If you…


Natural Hair Mentors

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Hey Curlies! I came up with this cool idea a few weeks ago about mentors. I thought it would be great for transitioners or those who aren’t as experienced to have someone to lean on in times of need. I have created a thread for this idea. In the thread you can find a mentor or be a mentor to…


Hair Goals for 2012

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Hey Curlies! So for the new year, I would like to establish a few new goals that I have for my hair. I would LOVE for you to comment with some of your own 🙂 Left: Oct 2011- collarbone lengthMiddle: Dec 2011- Past CB lengthRight: Dec 2011- Touches my bottom lip. In Oct it touched the top of my mouth….


ClassyCurly Profile: Sophia K Essentials

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Hey Curlies! Sophia K It is a wonderful honor introduce Sophia, a women who created her own beauty line about 5 years ago. Her products contain only natural ingredients, which include vitamins, oils, butters and organic extracts. She has taken some time out of her day to come and chat with us! (Isn’t her hair gorgeous?)I am Sophia Kornegay aka…


Hairstyle of the day #3

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Hey Curlies! So today I just pinned the left top section of my twist back. I left the top right and entire back side down. I also decided to use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque as a hair and scalp moisturizer instead of the DC and it was WONDERFUL! My hair felt very moisturized and soft. @Classycurlies


Classy Curls Profile: Brittney

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Love her hair color!Name: Brittney JosephSocial Media names:,, bjoseph5 ( type: 3b URL: How long have you been transitioning? I have been transitioning for 5 months. My last relaxer was July 2011.Will you Big chop? If so when? Yes, I will eventually big chop. I plan on doing it sometime in July 2012 so hopefully it won’t be much of a big…