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Hairstyle of the day #3

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Hey Curlies! So today I just pinned the left top section of my twist back. I left the top right and entire back side down. I also decided to use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque as a hair and scalp moisturizer instead of the DC and it was WONDERFUL! My hair felt very moisturized and soft. @Classycurlies


Classy Curls Profile: Brittney

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Love her hair color!Name: Brittney JosephSocial Media names:,, bjoseph5 ( type: 3b URL: How long have you been transitioning? I have been transitioning for 5 months. My last relaxer was July 2011.Will you Big chop? If so when? Yes, I will eventually big chop. I plan on doing it sometime in July 2012 so hopefully it won’t be much of a big…


Holiday Hairstyle

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Hey Curlies! Yesterday I did mini twist just to give my hair a break from styling. Over the last few days I’ve done puffs, ponytails and a flexi rod set which I fee like is too much in one week. My hair needs a break! I pinned the front sides of them back to make it a little more fancier….


ClassyCurly Profile: Rashay

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Hey Curlies, Check out this college curly Rashay. Name:Rashay Davis Social Media names: Twitter: @playn_myfro Hair Type:That Snap Back Curl How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural about 5 months now. When did you Big chop? I big chopped in July. My hair was mostly afro with these ugly relaxed strands, so I got them cut off. A…


Natural Hair Style:Salon Stylist vs Do it Yourself

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Hey Curlies! I’ve seen this topic many times by transitioners and naturals all over, and many are wondering how should hair be handled. Once going natural, some prefer to continue going to a salon or some prefer to do it on their own. For the first 6 months I did continue going to the salon but then I realized how unnecessary that…


ClassyCurly Profile: NaturalHairLatina

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Hey Curlies,Here is another natural hair profile Name:NaturalHairLatina Social Media: NaturalHairLatina/LatinaR Hair Type: Hmmmmmmm Dont know URL( if any): Networking Links All located NaturalHairLatina, currently in the south. Transitioned from Nov 09-BC May 2010, chemical free was better for my health. I cleanse my scalp with an baking soda paste I make. I rinse with a Rosemary Tea water. I…


ClassyCurly Profile: Latrice

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Love the hair color!On the CN: Brown Eyed Curly Name: Latrice Williams Hair Type: 4 something (lol) How long have you been natural or transitioning? I have been natural for 1 year on November 18, 2011. I cut it all off in April 2009 but used a texturizer of and on until November 18, 2010. A short regimen you can share? My regimen…