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Victoria Davis

Big Chop!

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Hey Curlies,I’ve been thinking a long time about whether or not I should big chop. Now I think I’m ready!!! I have been transitioning for 14 months and I just want to rip out this weave and see some progress lol. This Friday I plan on taking down my sew in and finally big chop. I will definitely post pics.


Misconceptions of Natural Hair

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Hey Curlies, So a coworker and I were talking about hair and I told her I have a blog about natural hair and she looked “surprised.” She asked exactly what it was about and I told her it was all about the “transition”…she said “what transition”? So once I started explaining things to her it seemed like she  understood a…


I’m back!

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Sorry it’s been sooo long since my last post! But I am here now to finish where I started! I am now 13 months into my transition and it has been a wonderful journey thus far! I am currently in college which makes it sort of hard to find the time to get together the right styles, but here is…



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Hi Ladies! So last night I had an awesome birthday.Spent the day with my significant other :). Got in at 3am! Whew man was I tired. Today is “Wash”day so I used my Aphogee Deep Moisturizing Shampoo, Pantene Relaxed and Natural deep conditioner and the Africa’s Best Herbal Oil as a hot oil treatment also. Steps Rinse my hair under…


Birthday, It’s Ya Birthday!

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Hey CurliesWell today is my birthday and I’m kind of excited but I don’t have really much planned yet. It is only 12:30 in the morning lol.If their are any birthdays coming up let me know and I will definitely mention them 🙂 Anyway I am moisturizing my hair right now.I know silly huh?? lol This is the process that I do…


Changing to become a better YOU

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Hi Everybody! This is Victoria and this is my first blog post for Classy Curls. This blog will contain my journey through transitioning to natural hair as well as other tips and tricks 🙂 This is also a blog about self-motivation and self- confidence in women who want to embrace their natural hair. I will not judge you. This is a friendly…