Kinky Twist Styles

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Hey Curlies! I found a Youtube video on different ways to style Kinky Twist! I found that some of these don’t work out for me because my twist are a bit bigger than the ones shown in the video. I hope some of these work out for you whether you have Kinky Twist or just regular two strand twist!


Jivelene Profile

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Hey Curlies! Here is another profile for a wonderful lady on the Curly Nikki Forums! Hope this inspires you! ON CN: Jivelene Name: CharleneSocial Media names: @JiveleneHair Type:3cHow long have you been natural or transitioning? My last relaxer was Oct 19, 2010. I transitioned for 9 months. My goal was a year but I just couldn’t take the maintenance of…


CurlyNeekMe Profile

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 Hey Curlies! This is the first of MANY profiles that I will be featuring!On CN: CurlyNeekMe Name: Shanikwa, Neek. Social Media Names: CurlyNeekMe on CurlyNikkiURL: thebarbienamedneek.tumblr.com How long have you been natural or transitioning?I have been transitioning for about 3 months. I realized that my hair was severely damaged and seriously wanted happy, healthier hair. I started transitioning in May. When…


Profiles soon to come!!!

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So I have been chatting with some ladies on the Curly Nikki forums and I’ve decided to feature other curlies on my blog. About once or twice a week you will see a profile of another curly. The whole point in this is to support one another and also to give inspiration to other women who may want to go…


Tea Tree Oil for the Scalp

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Hey Curlies,Well I’ve had my twist in for almost a month and at the beginning I had really dry itchy scalp. At first I thought it could be because the twist were fresh and tight so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. As time went on, they’re still a little itchy until about a week ago when I started using Tea Tree Oil!…


Kinky Twist Regimen

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So I’ve had my twist in for almost a month and they still look pretty good and I get complements on them constantly! Here is my everyday routine!1.I wash my twist with Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo every week or two. I usually massage only the roots to get the buildup out but every now and then I’ll rub some on the…