Indianapolis Natural Hair Meetup

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Hey Curlies! If you are going to be in the Indianapolis area Saturday January 28 (next weekend), then you should definitely attend the natural hair meetup. The event will feature natural hair stories told by our own fabulous natural ladies, product swaps, giveaways and much more! For more information visit the link below. The event is only $5 but the…


Natural Hair Mentors

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Hey Curlies! I came up with this cool idea a few weeks ago about mentors. I thought it would be great for transitioners or those who aren’t as experienced to have someone to lean on in times of need. I have created a thread for this idea. In the thread you can find a mentor or be a mentor to…


Hair Accessories

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Hey Curlies! For the past few days I’ve been wearing my twist in either a ponytail with a flower accessory or a beanie.Now that school has started back, it is very easy for me to wake up and go. This weekend I’ll probably do a braidout or twist out before a wash. I also have many other accessories that might give…


Dry Twist Out

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Hey Curlies! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. Classes have just started for me again so I’m trying to keep everything together. The other day before I retwisted my hair, I did a twist out. I noticed that they looked slightly longer 🙂 I’ve still been pinning my hair back into a bun as a…


Product Review: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

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Hey Curlies! Earlier this week I deep conditioned with a new conditioner called Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. I purchased this pack from Wal-mart for about $2 in the “ethnic” hair care section. What the product claims:It is more intensive treatment than their regular deep conditioning pack. It repairs damaged hair and strengthens hair from root to tip. (More info) My Review:I give it…


Two strand twist pinup

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Hey Curlies! Okay so I never thought I’d say this, but here it goes. I CAN’T STAND my hair this straight. Since I did my dry twist on my old roller set hair I am starting to hate it. It’s too straight for my liking. I now miss the “snap back” and shrinkage I couldn’t stand before. (crazy huh? lol)…


Winter moisture treatment

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Hey Curlies! So today I gave my hair a little extra TLC. I am now calling this my “Winter Moisture Treatment.” Since it is so cold out, and snowing like crazy, my hair and scalp has been so dry lately. Here is what I did to rejuvenate my tresses. I did an oil rinse on my hair using the oil I normally…