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Hey curlies!I am thinking about doing a few giveaways soon in order of the Christmas season. These gifts would be hair products of course! What products would you like to see given away for FREE? It is very important that I receive some sort of feedback 🙂 Happy Holidays!@ClassyCurlies


I Hate my Natural Hair…

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Hey Curlies,So just a few minutes ago I was on the CurlyNikki Forum and came across something VERY interesting. A young woman stated that she HATED her natural hair after her big chop. She also has a very strong feeling that her boyfriend is upset at her choice…this is what I say to her and others in this situation.Dear I HATE my…


Natural Hair Products: Miss Jessie’s Sale at Target (closed)

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Hey Curlies! Have you ever wanted to try Miss Jessie’s products but couldn’t find the money? Well tomorrow is your lucky day because the line is having a buy one get one FREE, at Target and I’ve never tried these products but I’ve heard great things about them. The sale begins November 20th to December 17 while supplies last. What…


Product Review: Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise

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Hey Curlies! I used Organic Root Simulator Hair Mayonnaise a lot of the time during my transitioning stage but it also works GREAT for all natural hair. For transitioners, this product is really good because you can experience a lot of breakage and replenishing moisture is the key. My first impression of it, was awkward, because it was orange and it was called…


ClassyCurly Profile: NaturalHairLatina

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Hey Curlies,Here is another natural hair profile Name:NaturalHairLatina Social Media: NaturalHairLatina/LatinaR Hair Type: Hmmmmmmm Dont know URL( if any): Networking Links All located NaturalHairLatina, currently in the south. Transitioned from Nov 09-BC May 2010, chemical free was better for my health. I cleanse my scalp with an baking soda paste I make. I rinse with a Rosemary Tea water. I…


Natural Hair Care:Hot Oil Treatments

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Hey Curlies! Got dry hair and scalp?? Well during my transition, I discovered a wonderful method at curing these both- hot oil treatments! This method leaves hair soft and moisturized for days. It’s sort of like the prepoo method but with the oil warmed.You can buy these treatments from most beauty supply stores. They always may not look like the…


Natural Hair Care: Hair Grease??

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Hola Curlies!!! So what is all of this talk I’ve been hearing about GREASE??? In the beginning their were tons of curlies stating that using GREASE was simply out of the question for a number of reasons. It was rumored that GREASE clogs pores which stunts hair growth. It was also said that it attracts dirt simply because it is so heavy…Some of…