My First Puff

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Hey Curlies! So from my last twist out ( in my last post), I created my first puff (on day 3 hair) and it turn out really cute! I used a regular Goody headband but then I also added another headband that is a bit more fancy. You’ll see what I mean… To smooth down my edges I used Fruit…


FAB Twistout!

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Hey Curlies!So this was the second time I’ve done a FULL twist out all over my head without any other style in front. I loved the results!! Saturday night I took down my flat twist that I had been wearing on the side and twisted my whole head into about 10-15 twist. I honestly think I only used Olive Oil…


ClassyCurly Profile: Purple Coca

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The Second time is a charm 😉 On the CN: mrztlcwillis Name: Purple CocoaSocial Media names: mrztlcwillis (Curly Nikki) Purple_Cocoa (Twitter)Hair Type: 4CFro Name: CocoaURL (if any): purplecocoasthoughts.blogspot.comHow long have you been natural or transitioning?I have been natural/transitioning since December 2008. This was my second attempt after my stylist was against it. She did not want to maintain my 4c hair. When…


Natural Hair: Wash and Style

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Hey Curlies!Now that midterms are almost over, I can concentrate on your guys a little more. Before coming home for a mini break, I washed my hair and now it is flat twisted into a half updo lol. I washed and conditioned with the usual and then detangled. Wet hair right after I washed out my Shea Moisture conditioner Couple…


ClassyCurly Profile: Aitza Briauna

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Hey Curlies! It’s Good to See the Younger Generation (like me!) ON CN: babycakesbriauna Name:Aitza Briauna Social Media names: babycakesbriauna(CN & YT), babycakebriauna(twitter) Hair Type: kinky-curly. I’m not really into hair typing but I fall in the 4/3 category.  URL( if any): How long have you been natural or transitioning? I’ve been natural basically my whole life. My dad let someone…