Now Accepting Features!

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Hey Curlies! I finally have enough time to talk a little more about featuring you lovely ladies. A few months ago I had tons of people to profile and now more are welcome! If you would like to be profiled on my site, or as a guest blogger, please send the information required. You can find this on the “Want…


Natural Hair Care:Hair Type Chart

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Hey Curlies! Everyone has a different hair texture, whether it is Fine,Wavy, or Kinky. Some people really use the knowledge of their hair textures to their advantage. This could help you find which products work best for you. Some sites and stores have products listed by hair type. you can also have more than one hair type. For example, my hair type is…


7 Steps to Washing Twists

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Hey Curlies,Today I am going to wash my kinky twist, which will be coming out soon! Although I use Tea Tree Oil on my scalp, I am getting the itchies and some buildup. Here are 7 my simple steps to washing twists. 7 Steps to Washing Twists Take your favorite shampoo, I am using Organix Moroccan Oil, and find a cup or…


New Contact Info

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Hey Curlies!I have developed a new Twitter page(where I will be posting blog updates) and E-mail account for the site! If you need to ask any questions or such, feel free to contact me! Also if you look on the right hand side, I have also added a Features page. If you would like to be featured on the site…


Hair Crushes???

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I love to find people who have stunning hair! It gives me inspiration to keep going in my journey and is one of the reasons I will NEVER return to a relaxer again. Here are some of my hair crushes? Who are some of yours? Jill Scott a few years ago( Now she’s relaxed 🙁 ) Teyana Taylor Jada Pinkett Smith Bre…


PartyOverHair Profile

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Here’s another Curly profile! On CN: PartyOverHair Name: Elle Social Media names: @PartyOverHair (Twitter)   Hair Type: 3c / 4a  URL: /  How long have you been natural or transitioning?  I’ve been natural since April of 2011 when I went through an accidental BC.  When did you BC?  I Big Chopped on April 2, 2011. It wasn’t something I had planned on doing at all….


Kinky Twist Styles

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Hey Curlies! I found a Youtube video on different ways to style Kinky Twist! I found that some of these don’t work out for me because my twist are a bit bigger than the ones shown in the video. I hope some of these work out for you whether you have Kinky Twist or just regular two strand twist!


Jivelene Profile

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Hey Curlies! Here is another profile for a wonderful lady on the Curly Nikki Forums! Hope this inspires you! ON CN: Jivelene Name: CharleneSocial Media names: @JiveleneHair Type:3cHow long have you been natural or transitioning? My last relaxer was Oct 19, 2010. I transitioned for 9 months. My goal was a year but I just couldn’t take the maintenance of…