Mini Twist Affair

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Hey Curlies,So today my family and I go over to my Granny’s house to pick her up and the first thing she says when she sees me is…Granny: Oh,what did you do to your hair?Me: I cut it all offMy Mom: Yea, she’s all natural now..Granny: (silent)…well I don’t like it (with a slight attitude)Me: WELL I DO AND THAT’S…


Hair Products: What to Avoid

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Hey Curlies,Here are a few ingredients to avoid when using any hair productIsopropyl Alcohol: This will dry your hair out and as a result, cause damage. This ingredient is found in lots of cosmetics. Mineral Oil: This ingredient clog pores which stunts hair growth. Mineral Oil is found in baby oil. This coats the skin leaving a greasy feel which will do…


Big Chop!

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Hey Curlies,I’ve been thinking a long time about whether or not I should big chop. Now I think I’m ready!!! I have been transitioning for 14 months and I just want to rip out this weave and see some progress lol. This Friday I plan on taking down my sew in and finally big chop. I will definitely post pics.


Misconceptions of Natural Hair

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Hey Curlies, So a coworker and I were talking about hair and I told her I have a blog about natural hair and she looked “surprised.” She asked exactly what it was about and I told her it was all about the “transition”…she said “what transition”? So once I started explaining things to her it seemed like she  understood a…