Hey Curlies,

NOTE: This post has been updated 3/2018

Let me tell you how much two-strand twists saved my life during the first few years of my natural hair journey.

I was still learned what styles and products worked for my hair, and to be honest – I was lost a lot of the time. What I did know worked well for my hair was two-strand twists. That was nearly eight years ago,

Today, I still wear two-strand twists a lot just because my hair gets to experience all of the benefits from this style.

Here are three reasons I wear two-strand twists:

Less manipulation equals less breakage which also equals length retention

Because I am not combing my hair daily or doing any heavy styling, I do not experience a lot of breakage. Just letting my hair “be” and keeping my hands out of it allows it to grow rapidly without any interruptions.

A variety of styles 

You can do a variety of styles with two-strand twists. I usually wear them down, however they can be pinned up. Depending on how small they are done, more styles can usually be done.


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They are convenient

Not only can I roll of of bed and not have to pull out the styling tools or products, it is also a long-lasting style. I can keep my twists in from 2-4 weeks at a time. I really think they are the reason my hair has grown so long and healthy.




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