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We have been washing our hair for years and as a child we have always been given the same directions on how the process is done:

Shampoo is applied first and should cover all strands of hair. Conditioner is applied second and should also coat all strands of hair.

With lots of reading and research, I have found this to be slightly incorrect. Here is what I believe to be the proper way to shampoo and condition the hair.

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  • The purpose is to get rid of any buildup on the scalp and therefore, it should only be used only on the scalp.
  • As the shampoo is rinsed from the scalp, is gently cleanses the strands on its way down
  • Only the tips of fingers should be used to cleanse the scalp
  • I found that if I do apply shampoo all over my hair, it causes unnecessary manipulation, tangles and roughness.


  • The purpose is to replenish the moisture that shampoos got rid of. The scalp produces its own natural oils, but the hair strands do not.
  • Should only be applied to the actually strands of the hair and not the scalp
  • Conditioner is needed most at the very ends of the hair because this is the oldest hair and needs to most moisture
  • I find that if I do apply conditioner to the scalp, even with a through rinse, it is itchy


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