Hey Curlies,

When I first big chopped back in 2011, one thing that really made me feel welcome into the natural hair community was the unity amongst women. No one was judging anyone (so to speak) because we were all just trying to “figure it out.” Today, I see some of the most hateful things against other curlies, it’s ridiculous.

natural hair community

Here are my three things I wish the natural hair community would stop doing:


  • Hair typing (for the wrong reasons) – Some people like to learn their hair type because they want to learn which hair products best suites them. Others want to know so they can compare their hair texture to others (in a negative way). This leads to the “good hair,” “bad hair” conversation where one hair texture seems to be a better grade. We need to stop finding more ways to divide ourselves and continue to support one another.
  • Mislabeling products – While some companies may be genuine, others are not and their intention is simply to make money off of the natural hair community. Some companies mislabel their products to say “all natural” or mislead the consumer into thinking they have a magic potion to grow healthy hair. Stay away from these companies as they don’t have your best interest at heart. Be sure to educate yourself on how to read a product label.
  • Defining “natural” – I run into many conversations where curlies are getting into arguments on what they feel is the true definition of “natural hair.” Some say if you have color or wear weaves, you aren’t considered natural. Feel free to say how you feel, but don’t go crazy because someone doesn’t agree with your stance. Again, whatever you may feel is fine, but we should stop finding another way to divide ourselves.
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