Hey Curlies,

Beside styling, finding the right natural hair products for your hair texture can be a challenge. You’ll spend endless amounts of money trying the next “best” thing, just to maybe find out it doesn’t vibe well with your hair.

Not to mention, natural hair products can be pretty pricey.

When I was a new natural, I probably tried every hair product on the shelves in 2010, but I learned some things that not only helped save me money, but helped me discover some of my favorite curly hair care brands.

Guess what? I’m sharing the details.

Here is how you can find the perfect natural hair products for your curls.

Get a subscription to Curlkit

This was one of the first things I did when I went natural because it was (and still is) money well spent. You pay $20 a month and get a handful of natural hair products delivered to your doorstep. You get both full-sized and sample-sized products featuring popular and up-and-coming brands.

See a few of my past kits below and save 10% here:

Buy Travel-Sized 

A lot of people may not think about how to use travel-sized hair products to their advantage – even if they aren’t traveling anytime soon. These products are less expensive and smaller in size meaning, you could try a new brand without committing the funds to the full size if you turn out not to like it. If you do learn you like the product, go head and buy the full-sized item. The good thing about this is, many of the most popular natural hair brands are beginning to offer travel-sized items in stores like Target and Walgreens.

Stop Jumping on the Bandwagon

To be honest, there are some natural hair brands I am so tired of hearing about. Whether they work or not – I’m over it. If you go out and buy every trendy new product on the market, you’d be broke. Don’t jump on the bandwagon every time a new product is released. Focus on trying out the products you have first.


I’d love to know some of your favorite natural hair products. Drop them in the comments below. 







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