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Fairy-knots, single-strand knots or whatever you want to call them – almost every curly girl has been in a battle with these annoying hair knots.

You normally find them near the ends of a string of hair, but they can be anywhere, honestly. Want to find them? Pick one strand of hair and run your index finger and thumb down the shaft. If you feel a little “bump,” it’s a knot.

What are fairy knots?

Fairy knots are strands of hair knotted around itself that causes a tangle. In many cases, that one knotted strand of hair can pull in more pieces of hair, causing an even bigger knot.

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Who has these annoying little fairy knots?

Most women with naturally curly hair have experienced them. The crazy part is, they seem to spring up out of nowhere.

How can I prevent fairy knots?

Many naturals who wear wash n go hair styles often are prone to fairy knots because they go days without stretching or combing their curls. This causes them to continue to wrap around one another as time goes on.

One way to help prevent fairy knots is by wearing more stretched styles like two-strand twists, braids, etc.

The second way is to keep your ends moisturized and thoroughly detangled.

Trimming your hair when needed is another way to prevent these annoying little knots.

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Usually, instead of trying to fool with fairy knots, I simply snip them off if they are toward the end of the strand.

What are some ways you deal with these knots?

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