Hey Curlies,

Many of you saw that super cute inspirational tee I wore in a recent Instagram post and wondered where it came from.

If you aren’t familiar, ClassyCurlies.com is all about natural hair and healthy living, but it is also about inspiring you to become your best self. I’m always encouraging you all to “go for it,” and not to let anyone (not even yourself) hold you back.

Well, meet Lauren Black, the founder of That Black Legacy – the online boutique where I discovered my inspirational t-shirt. She even offered us a discount code – keep reading!

Check out my interview with Lauren about how she built her successful business from the ground up in the summer of 2017, and her advice for women – and moms – looking to start their own projects.

I hope it inspires you to keep going.


How did you come up with the idea for That Black Legacy boutique? 

When I became a mom. In high school, kids alway talked fashion and I was in a few fashion and sewing classes. I actually was in a jewelry showcase and won 1st place at the time.

Being a mother, finding cool, cute, yet trendy looks at affordable prices was pretty hard to come by. There was for sure a tug of war on the pockets. I figured I’d have fly clothes or build for our legacy. I figured why not do both and make it our own.

How would you describe the type of pieces you offer?

The pieces and looks we offer are those that will keep a mom feeling ahead of the curve, but also will make sure she still feels like she can set an outstanding example for her and her mini me’s.

How do you decide what makes it into the store, and what doesn’t?

Simple. Is it something that I would wear as a mother? Would my children be OK to see mommy in these types of clothes?

How do you want your customers to feel while wearing your items?

I want them to feel empowered and motivated.

Not just because of the motto we live behind – “How are you leaving your legacy” – but a lot of women have children and lose themselves.

I want women to know and feel like life just started or the ball is still rolling and to never give up. Leave a legacy behind so they will never forget who you and yours are!

Talk about your GalaBella collection

Our GalaBella collection is strictly for the little ones. The ones that are leaving a legacy at an early age. GalaBella comes from Galaxia, which is my baby girl and her name means “galaxy” in Spanish. Bella translates to “beautiful” in Spanish.

You’re a mom of two – How do you find time to manage That Black Legacy, and other things in your life?

Honestly, I believe this is the biggest challenge of the whole process. Being a mother of two, I just really find myself trying to stay busy in my down time. I’m also a Miami realtor, so in between showings and meetings, I’m posting and updating or loading inventory.

It’s a challenge but well worth it. Plus, I’m a person who wakes up pretty early before everyone else so I get to sneak a lot of my “to do” before the sun rises. I just squeeze any extra time I have into my business.

I’m a person who grew up in a very scheduled household so putting things on a schedule or balancing hasn’t really been an issue.

Always believe everyone has the same 24/7. How you spend your spare time determines how you move forward, period.

Through all of this, what have you learned about starting your own business?

Being consistent and more engaged effects a lot of your production. They make it look so easy on YouTube and blogs, but honestly building your own business takes major dedication.

It’s not even about the money, because if you really wanted it, I’m sure you’ll find the money. Being dedicated to something outside of the household or being dedicated to something that you have no idea of the outcome until you get people’s responses can be intimidating, yet challenging for people.

For other women looking for some motivation to get started on their own projects, what advice do you have for them?

Keep pushing and stay focused. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. If life was easy, everyone would achieve their dreams. God didn’t put you on this Earth to be another body taking up space. You’re supposed to leave your mark.


Learn more about That Black Legacy here. Use code “classy18” for 25% off your purchase. 








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