Hey Curlies,

I always get asked questions about the hairstyles I choose for my curls, so I wanted to show you all some of the styles I’ve worn over the past few months.

I usually choose a style based on:

1. If it looks cute
2. How easy/quick can I make it happen

I also try to choose a style that I know will last for at least a week. In previous posts, I’ve discussed how I only comb and style my hair once a week. It just makes my life much easier by freeing up my time. I also think this method is one of the reasons why my hair thrives.

Some of these natural hair styles qualify as protective styles, while others are a little more “free”.

Flat twist

Ballerina Bun

Buns and side eyes.

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Wash n go

Wash n go with @honeybabynaturals is still alive and well 😉

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I know some of you are like (cough, cough), when are we going to get the tutorial on some of these styles. Coming soon!

What has been some of your favorite go-to styles as of lately?







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