Hey Curlies,

Trust me, I’m not the one to sit around and dream about “wash day,” but what I do look forward to is using my shampoo brush.

That thing truly steps up my hair care routine. Let me explain.

You’re told not to scratch at your scalp with your nails, but use the tips of your fingers to ensure your hair gets clean. Let me come out and say – I halfway believe that.

While it’s rare for me to use my nails (gently) to loosen dirt while washing my hair, I learned that using the tips of my fingers doesn’t get my hair clean enough. This is where the shampoo brush comes in.

Using a shampoo brush can help get rid of dandruff, product buildup and stimulate hair growth.

Here is how I use my brush during wash day:

I purchased my shampoo brush from my local beauty supply store for less than a dollar. Not only does it get my scalp clean, it feels like heaven! The feeling I get when it use that shampoo brush is magical. It’s almost like a day at the spa – seriously!

If you’re thinking about using a shampoo brush, here are some items to consider:

The dos:

  • Try pouring your shampoo onto the shampoo brush. It makes the experience even better
  • Lightly massage your scalp to loosen dirt
  • Take your time using your brush. It can help stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which can promote hair growth

The don’ts:

  • Tangle your hair in the shampoo brush while washing
  • Scrub too hard – you could irritate your scalp
  • Try to use the shampoo brush as a detangling tool. Due to its many comb teeth, it could cause breakage for those with tighter curl patterns.

I use this brush every time I wash my hair. In fact, I feel as if my wash day routine isn’t complete without it!

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