Our girlfriends are the sisters we choose for ourselves. Some have been by our side since childhood, some we met during our college years and others we connected with at work and other business engagements.

However, we manage to connect, we become family and bonded. We share our lives, including successes and challenges. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate a birthday, job promotion, engagement, or any other special occasion.

When it’s time to make your girlfriends feel special, creativity is the key. Even during difficult financial times, we can do great things to treat our girlfriends.

Keep it simple

Oftentimes we know our girlfriends just as well as we know ourselves. Focus on your girlfriend’s interests, hobbies, and passion. If your girlfriend is an avid reader of a particular author, an autographed book from that author may be a precious gift that she will cherish forever. 

Make it personal

We spend so much time with our girlfriends, we are familiar with their wardrobe and accessories. Buy your girlfriend a pair of matching earrings to compliment her favorite necklace. She’ll appreciate your attention to detail.

Give of your time

Your girlfriend may volunteer her time in the community for a local non-profit organization. Join her as a special gift. You may find that joining your girlfriend in community service allows your relationship to blossom in a new way. You may like the organization so much, you may decide to become a regular volunteer.

Use your talents and skills 

Your girlfriend’s flowerbed may need some love and attention and you have a green thumb. Buy her favorite flowers and some mulch and help her to spruce up her flower bed. Each time she waters her flowers she’ll think of the great gift you gave her.

Surprise her

Your girlfriend may work late each Wednesday. You know she rushes home to cook dinner before the kids’ bedtime. Surprise her and drop off a home-cooked meal to her and her family. She’ll appreciate the break and you know she loves your baked lasagna!

Our girlfriends add so much joy and happiness to our lives. We look forward to any opportunity to celebrate them and share our appreciation for having them in our lives. When it comes to treating your girlfriends, open your heart, it really is the thought that counts.

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