Your eyes might be the window to your soul but they are also physical matter with cones in them that turn the world into a colourful paradise. That isn’t something you want to risk or give up easily due to inattention. That’s why you need to support your eye health at every opportunity. 

You might already have glasses, if so remember to use them wisely. Using your glasses when you don’t need them can result in a deterioration of your eyesight more quickly. Treat your eyes like you would your teeth or my physical health and get regular check ups. 


How often do you think about your ears? Probably not very much. They do a job for you though, a pretty important job. Without good hearing you would be able to listen to all the great music or hear the sounds of nature on your daily walks. 

Consider your ears every once in a while to prevent hearing loss. They are actually incredible little audio machines that have a drum inside and a little device for changing  sound waves to electrical signals – a bit like a converter. Vsit your audiologist at least once a year for optimal ear health. 


Machine analogies aren’t quite as easy to find for dental health but those gnashers are still pretty vital for your lifestyle and overall quality of life. Of course you want your teeth to look shiny and white for those spontaneous photographs that go up on social media, but they need to be healthy too. 

The common advice is to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. Most people brush in the morning and evening. But this isn’t enough for optimal dental health. You need to also include flossing and trips to the dentist once or twice a year. 


Unless you’re very unlucky you probably won’t have to contend with joint issues until you are a bit older. Over time the fluid in the joints reduces and they start to grind together causing aches and pains. You may not have to worry about that for a while but you can also prevent it occurring. 

One of the best ways to prevent joint issues in later life is to keep your joints supple and well maintained – like a well oiled machine. Yoga is an excellent way to do this, so is attending a chiropractic every so often. You can also eat joint supporting foods. 


Muscles are like the original AI algorithms, they are intelligent material that learns and responds to the most relevant environment. If you use your muscle daily for what they have evolved to do you will notice an improvement in your overall condition. You will also feel stronger and have more energy. 

Conversely, if you don’t use your muscles they will begin to forget their purpose and atrophy. You will not gain the benefits of a stronger physical body and might find yourself feeling more tired and lethargic. Time to switch on your muscles