Nowadays, we’re all more aware than ever of the power of self-care, a fact that’s seen wellness in all its forms soaring in public estimation over recent years. The past year, especially, has highlighted the need to take it steady, focus on pampering sometimes, and take care of our minds and bodies in the process.

But, while we’re all getting better at looking after ourselves when we’re physically well, an astounding amount of us still fail to do the same when we’re unwell. This is the case whether we’re dealing with COVID-19, a general cold, or even something like cancer, and it’s past time that it changed. 

After all, we need self-care more than ever when we’re not at our best, with even top medical experts claiming that, the more we look after ourselves, the better our chances of recovery. Unfortunately, even minor illnesses can flatten us, leaving us unable to embark on wellness as usual. In cases of more serious illness, we’re often so distracted with what’s happening, or with medical treatments, that we forget to give wellness a look-in at all. 

It’s past time that we changed this bad habit of a lifetime, and considered the following ways to make wellness work, even when we aren’t feeling great.  

Hold onto positive habits

It’s easy to let positive habits slip when illness sets in, resulting in poor diet, bad hygiene, and general self-neglect that are only ever going to make you feel worse. Make sure it doesn’t happen by reminding yourself that you need those habits when you’re ill more than ever. Whether it’s washing regularly or simply eating right, make sure that you find ways to stay on top of these focuses you’ve spent so long building for yourself. 

Let other people do the pampering

Wellness is about self-pampering, but most of us simply don’t have the time or energy for these pursuits when we’re ill. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still experience their benefits. By letting your loved ones know what you need from a wellness perspective, you give them the tools to pamper you even when you’re incapable, putting a smile back on your face and hopefully helping you feel better at the same time. 

Meet yourself where you’re at

Whether others are taking the helm on your wellness drive or not, it’s vital to meet yourself where you’re at through each stage of illness. You likely won’t want to eat a big meal after stepping out of an oncology appointment, but you could still feel the benefits from easy-to-manage snacks like fruit. Equally, you probably won’t fancy reading a magazine if you’ve got a migraine or fever, but audiobooks can be the perfect compromise. Either way, make sure that you’re embarking on wellness solutions that sit well with how you’re feeling, and bring the benefits that you already know they offer. 

Wellness might well be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling awful, but trust us when we say that you’ll thank yourself for prioritizing it in these ways regardless.