Beauty trends can be even more incredulous than fashion trends. The word trend itself often leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those who want answers to their beauty concerns, not just a temporary FAD.

Thankfully, just as fast fashion is dying, so is fast beauty. This is because many of us have turned to nature, making our own beauty masks, scrubs, and hair and scalp products too. This has led to a revolution in the beauty industry, as more and more brands are making 100% natural products. Besides the usual beauty products, other solutions for our smile and sight are also being developed with the most contemporary technology to date. It seems like there are some beauty trends that actually work.

Probiotics for your skin

When we think of probiotics, we tend to think of products that help our digestion. A healthy gut will give us healthy skin and good cell production. However, one of the latest skin trends is to utilize probiotics skincare products. Probiotics help to repair and boost our skin cells, so what if you could actually smear and absorb them onto your skin surface? Aurelia has made both pre and probiotic skincare cream which is made from 100% botanical ingredients. Probiotics help to reduce skin inflammation, which occurs in cases of long-term sunlight exposure. Revitalizing your skin cells directly is one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging too. 

Scalp care on the rise 

The secret to strong and shiny hair is a healthy scalp. From your scalp is where you gain all the natural oils that your hair needs to be strong. So if you have an itchy dry scalp, it’s going to mean that not only will your hair be dry and frizzy, but it will also struggle to protect itself from harmful UV rays. Too much direct sunlight can not only strip oils from your hair, but it can make it darker, more coiled and flatter. Thankfully, scalp care is trending. As many as 47% of people in China believe that a healthy scalp is a secret to healthy hair. Micellar shampoos are made with sulfates and silicones that help to keep your hair and scalp healthy and in combination with scalp scrubs, they can really boost your beauty and health.

A great smile

We focus so much on our skin and hair when it comes to beauty that we often neglect our smiles. A beautiful smile is a killer tool that you can utilize in your favor in so many situations. Whether you’re meeting with your boss, a date, having a job interview, or making a presentation, straight white teeth will always draw people toward you. But, metal braces take too long, they’re too painful and they cost too much. Luckily teeth aligners use 3D laser printers that cut invisible braces to your exact teeth size and shape. Rather than taking 18 months, it will only take 6-12 months to align your teeth. Use that pearly white smile for all it’s worth!

Who would have thought that there were beauty trends that actually worked, meaning more to the beauty community because they are sustainable and are more affordable than in previous years?