No one likes feeling bad. Yet everybody does at some time for another. The good news is that just like you can build physical fitness, you can build mental fitness too, and lift your mood, keep reading to find out how. 

Learn to let it go 

Elsa really has something here, as being able to let things go can work wonders for your mood. However, it is worth noting that there is a big difference between pushing down feelings and emotions and truly letting them go. Indeed, to really let something go we have to be able to feel it, which can be tough. Yet, by relaxing our grip on life and our control over our experiences we can gain a far deeper peace. 

Improve your EQ

EQ or emotional intelligence is another tactic you can use to boost your mood. Indeed, it is all about getting in touch with your own emotions and learning to express these to the other people in your life in a constructive way. 

One of the most helpful things that EQ teaches is about cognitive distortions, and how to deal with them. Cognitive distortions are the thinking mistakes that we all make, that can seriously impact our mood, and the actions we take for the worst. 

For example, a common cognitive distortion is mind-reading, where we believe we know what the other person is thinking, in any given situation. Something that can cause us to react badly and endanger our own peace as well as the relationship. The great thing about EQ is that by building it you can learn to better deal with these distortions that your brain sends you, making you less reactive, and better able to safeguard your mood. 

Happy hormones are your friends 

One of the fastest, and most effective ways of boosting your mood is to do something that releases happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin. The good news is there are many activities that will do this from playing a video game, eating your favorite food, and talking to a loved one on the phone. 

Although, by far the most popular way of getting those happy chemicals swimming around in your brain is to do some exercise. You don’t have to run a marathon either, a quick dance around the kitchen to your favorite tracks will work just as well and has the power to transform your mood almost instantly. 

Be present 

A lot of the time, we avoid being present because we are fearful of feeling negative emotions. However, the funny thing is that when we allow all emotions to be, they tend to move through us much quicker, and so be less powerful. 

Indeed, when we take the time to truly be in the moment and taste the food we eat, breathe the air, or listen to the person we are with, life can take on a totally different quality. One where we are not rushing from one thing to another, in order to avoid any negativity, which ironically can make us feel happier overall and boost our mood.