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Hair Style of the Day: Bun

Uncategorized By October 3, 2012 3 Comments

Hey Curlies, It’s been a little over a week since I washed my hair and I probably will do that this weekend. In the meantime, I took down my weekend hair style last night and styled my hair into a bun this morning. I used Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie as a moisturizer and Twist n’ Locs Herbal Conditioning spray…


Natural Hair: Ballin’ On a Budget

Uncategorized By September 26, 2012 1 Comment

Hey Curlies! I always get questions about how to take care of natural hair or any type of hair while on a budget. It’s very simple. The best things for your hair are usually at arms reach and around your home. How about trying…. Extra Virgin Olive Oil if you are looking to moisturize your hair Avocados and honey if you…


Flat Twist-Out on Wet Hair

Uncategorized By September 24, 2012 3 Comments

Hey Curlies! I am very happy to say that my first flat twist-out was a success. If you all have been following, you know that I normally do two-strand twists and then create a twist-out from there. Here are some photos of the results. If you would like to see what products I used, the link is below. I got…


Product Review: Kinky Curly Knot Today

Uncategorized By September 23, 2012 2 Comments

Hey Curlies, I told you guys the other day that I had my first experience with the Kinky Curly line. I purchased this product, along with others, at my local Target. What it claims to do:Remove knots and tangles from wavy, curly and kinky hair texturesWhat it contains:Organic mango extract, organic slipper elm, organic marshmallow root, organic lemongrass, cetyl alcohol,…