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Natural Hair: The Advantages

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Hey Curlies, If I ever see anyone who is struggling with their relaxed hair, I always persuade them to go natural. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Some people really enjoy their hair relaxed and that’s okay. Everyone has their preferences and I am not here to knock anyone for what they may like. I really just wanted…


Natural Hair Style of the Day

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Hey Curlies, Today marks  the one-year anniversary. I just wanted to say thanks to all of readers and supporters. You all really do motivate me. I love to write and I will continue to keep this going.By the way, happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you are wearing your “Fro’s for the Fourth.” Yesterday I did a new and…


Natural Hair: Creating a Regimen

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Hey Curlies, Back in May, I attended one of the National Natural Hair Meetup Day Events and at the meetup I spoke about creating a regimen and how important it is to really listen to your hair. Two very important things that need to be said before you continue reading is that your hair is different from everyone else’s hair….


Natural Hair: Hair Loss(Alopeica) Part 2

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Hey Curlies, The term “Alopeica” simply means “hair loss.” There is a lot more to this “hair loss” thing than we know. I wanted to inform you all that there are different types of hair loss. Types of Alopecia Androgenetic Alopecia- This type of alopcia is genetic and is affected by age and hormones Alopecia Areata- Usually linked to stress,but…