Our DIY Approach

Sure, you could buy your own hair and skincare products, but do you really know what they're made of? Some reports say that more than 200 chemicals are found in products used in just our morning routine alone.

ClassyCurlies' DIY approach helps you educate yourself on toxic ingredients used in hair and skincare products, while showing you how to create your own at home.

Some of our online webinars and classes including making your own shampoo and conditioner, rosewater and aloe vera gel.

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Attend ClassyCurlies' Events

ClassyCurlies hosts a series of events in the Indianapolis area throughout the year in addition to offering several online workshops, webinars and courses.

Below are some of our signature events.

Curls & Canvas

Each Fall

Grab your paint brush and get ready to learn how to care for your natural hair during the annual Curls & Canvas event.

31 Day Healthy Hair Challenge

Each March & October 

This online email challenge focuses on all aspects of healthy hair, including styling, using high-quality ingredients in styling products and includes TONS of giveaways.

DIY Vision Board

Each January 

At the beginning of each year, I invite you to bring your goals and poster boards to our vision board event to create your path to success.

Looking for more events?

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