It’s true when they say if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody will. Every adult who desires to show up in the world fully functioning, competent, and capable has their work cut out for them. The absence of this work is called self-neglect. 

When we neglect ourselves then we become incapable of performing at an optimal level at home and at work. We are unable to present our best selves to others.  Instead, we present a skeleton of ourselves that is fatigued, unfocused, and unfulfilled.

But, when we develop a plan for holistic self-care and practice it daily, we ensure our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social needs are met in a healthy manner. This kind of self-nurturing results in the well-adjusted, high-achieving and accomplished self that we wish to present to society. 

1. Physical Self-Care:

You only have one body. Take care of it.

Fuel your body by eating a healthy diet-our body and mind will perform best when they receive the vitamins and minerals they need. 

Exercise daily-exercise builds a strong mind and body. Try a balance of cardio and strength building exercise.

Get the proper amount of sleep-Develop a sleep schedule that works for you and stick to it. Power naps are energizing, but nothing beats a full night of rest.

2. Mental Self-Care:

A strong and healthy mind is the key to success.

Stay in the moment- learn the lesson from past mistakes, but live in the present.

Avoid alcohol and drugs-mood altering chemicals fog the mind and present distortions. 

Journal -write positive affirmations that build self-esteem and write things you are grateful for.

 3. Spiritual Self-Care: 

Look to your higher power for love, strength and stability.

Meditate-as a source of peace and tranquility. (Here’s how)

Practice your faith- attend faith services in person and online to remain connected with your spiritual foundation and spiritual family.

Read and study spiritual guides-this reinforces our faith and gives us private time with our spiritual father.

4. Emotional Self-Care

Get in touch with your feelings.

Identify your emotions throughout the day- decide if you need to use a healthy coping mechanism.

Forgive- forgive yourself and others, we all make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up.

Be honest-be honest with yourself and others about how you feel, don’t avoid  negative feelings, discuss them appropriately with others.

5. Social Self-Care

Cultivate an Environment of Respect

Build lasting relationships-stay in touch with people that are important to you and spend quality time with them.

Establish healthy boundaries-be clear about what your boundaries are in every relationship, communicate them with others and adhere to them.

Be kind- make the world a better place by being kind to others and encouraging others to do the same.

Practice self-care daily. Remember, it’s self-preservation and it will help you through times of stress. If you get stuck or need help, ask a trusting member of your support system for help.

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