Hey Curlies,

The other day I had a friend who said, “Why do I always have to be the ugly friend” and it broke my heart (if you’re that friend, you know who you are). Soon after she said it, I replied back with a “says who?!”

It really breaks my heart that other people can’t see their own beauty. I know we all have our issues and things we’d like to improve on – but hearing things to that extent that makes me sad.

It reminded me to share an article with you all I wrote for NaturallyCurly.com titled, “An Open Letter About Natural Hair Discrimination.”

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Here’s a little snippet:

Dear coily girl,
You are beautiful. You are magical. Your hair texture is golden and your spirit is free. These are all of the things women with coily, kinky, and curly hair would love to hear. Instead, society throws different words and phrases into our view by calling our hair, ‘nappy,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘wild,’ or ‘unacceptable.’
As a dark-skinned woman with kinky, coily type 4 hair I understand our daily struggles.
They tell you that you don’t fit the world’s view of beauty. They tell you your hair texture isn’t “good enough” because it has a few extra curls that most don’t have.

Read the full article here.  


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