We all make mistakes in life, but some of them have more lingering effects than others. Errors in the realm of beauty, for instance, can last a lifetime. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the advice that older women have for their 20-year-old selves regarding beauty. Check them out below. 

Skip Cigarettes

Cigarettes might seem like a great way to fit in with the crowd when you’re younger, but they’re a nightmare for beauty. Practically everything about them is dangerous to the body and dramatically affects how you look. Cigarettes create double-strand DNA breaks – the most dangerous kind – leading to wrinkled skin and dull complexion. Not what you want. 

Avoid Chemical-Laden Skincare Products

It’s easy to get swept away in commercial claims about this skincare product, or that skincare product. But the truth is that all of them contain unnatural compounds with questionable effects on the skin long-term. 

Don’t use chemical-laded skincare products if you can avoid them. Instead, choose more natural alternatives, such as coconut oil or jojoba to keep the skin supple. 

Use More SPF

When you’re younger, you have no qualms about going out in the sun and getting a tan. It’s what people do, right? 

Unfortunately, just like cigarettes, UV causes double-strand DNA breaks which your body finds hard to repair. The result? Brown spots, thickened skin, dryness, and visible damage. 

Avoid Tattoos

Lots of younger people go for tattoos, but how many people over the age of fifty do you see queuing up outside parlors? The answer? Not many. That’s because, after about the age of 35, tats begin to lose their appeal. Most people wish they hadn’t got them. Laser tattoo removal scars can also be a problem for some people too. 

Use Retinols

Practically the only skincare product to have any proven efficacy whatsoever is retinol (or retinoids). These contain a form of vitamin A which changes how skin cells function, making them healthier. There is some evidence that it can also keep them young, which is why people should be using these compounds daily. 

Skip The Burgers

While munching through burgers while you are young (and other types of junk food for that matter) can be delicious, it comes at a price. Middle age comes on much more quickly, and you lament the days that you spent eating what you wanted. 

The best time to start living well is when you are young, but the majority of people miss out on this opportunity. They don’t start until the wrinkles arrive and, by that time, it’s too late to make much of a difference. 

Remove Makeup Before Bed

Going to bed with makeup on is, generally speaking, a bad idea. Not only does it get all over the bedsheets, but it also makes your face look puffy and dirty when you wake up. Furthermore, the skin doesn’t have time to breathe, leading to annoying breakouts. 

Cleanse your skin before hitting the sack. Your skin will thank you for it in 20 years’ time.