Hey Curlies,

They say by the time you hit the pillow each night, you should be able to recall something you learned that day. In my case, I learned something about myself. Some of my tendencies line up with being labeled as a minimalist. 

So what is a minimalist, you say?

In short, it’s a person who sees more value in collecting memories instead of stuff. This person doesn’t try to keep up with the latest trends (just because) and believes in reducing clutter in all aspects of their lives.

I didn’t realize I had started climbing up this minimalism tree because my brain hadn’t caught up with my actions, so it seems.

The beginning of my minimalist journey

It all started when I watched a documentary called “Minimalism” on Netflix. It’s a story about two men who have transitioned from a traditional lifestyle full of stuff, to ones that are more clear and free by getting rid of physical and mental items not needed.

It was a true eye opener, to say the least. It was from this film that I realized, I have minimalism tendencies. Not only that, but I actually wanted to climb further up the tree since I finally found out I wasn’t the only one doing this “weird thing.” The cool part was, this thing I’d been doing actually had a name.

The three bags of clothes I gave away.

Too much stuff 

Imagine my family and friend’s faces when I told them I had gave away nearly 50 percent of my clothing. They thought I’d lost my mind. They couldn’t understand why I would do such a thing.

It all came down to owning too much stuff. Too many knick knacks, too many old clothing items I don’t wear or forgot I had, just too much of everything. I connect physical clutter with mental clutter, so I (in my case), had no choice but to get rid of some items.

The crazy part is, I’m not done. I see my home being a light, airy and less cluttered place in the near future. One room at a time, I’m purging.

My mindset has also changed when it comes to shopping. To be fair, I don’t “go shopping” often because I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. Normally, I only buy new items unless it’s a special occasion or event – and I have to really want it.

The minimalism in me asks myself:

  • Do I need this?
  • How bad do I want this?
  • Will I still use this item within a year?

Those questions help a lot when shopping for anything. Usually I’ll wait 24 hours (unless it’s on sale haha) to see if I really want it. If not, I know I don’t need more things cluttering my vision.

I’m really excited about this journey I’m on. Though everyone may not understand it, decluttering my life helps me feel not only freer, but happier. I want everything I own to have real value in my life and serve a purpose – end of story.

I’ll be sure to update you all on my journey from time-to-time.









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