Hey Curlies

Well today is my birthday and I’m kind of excited but I don’t have really much planned yet. It is only 12:30 in the morning lol.If their are any birthdays coming up let me know and I will definitely mention them 🙂 Anyway I am moisturizing my hair right now.I know silly huh?? lol This is the process that I do every night before getting close with my pillow:

  1. Use ONLY the ends of a rat-tail comb and part my hair into 3/4 of a section and I gently massage the Cantu Shea butter on my scalp where I parted  my hair. 
  2. Repeat that process all around my head (separating into sections and conditioning with the Cantu)
  3. After about 5 mins I’m done 
  4. Next I take a nickel sized amount of it of the Cantu and gently rub it on the end of my hair(make sure not to use to much or it could weigh your hair down)
  5. Next I use the Africa’s Best Herbal Oil and this time using only a DIME SIZED amount to rub on the ends of my hair and the front of my hair
  6. Easy part is next! I just throw on a bonnet to protect it all!
If anything is confusing just let me know 🙂