Hey Curlies,

Many times when I personally experience something, you’ll find topics on a solution to my problem on ClassyCurlies.com. As of lately, I’ve been uploading tons of content on ways to get rid of your itchy scalp. Well, it has been something I’ve struggled with as well.

I loved sharing my 3 remedies for an itchy scalp and 5 DIY Ways to Treat Scalp Eczema among others on NaturallyCurly.com.


Another way I’ve found relief was by using specific hair products with healing ingredients.

I started using Alaffia’s hair products around the same time I wrote¬†12 Vegan Hair Products To Check Out. I had went into Whole Foods to do some research on products and came across this brand.

I’ve been using it consistently since then and have gotten some great results.

Learn more about how I used Alaffia to clear my itchy scalp in the video player above.







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