Way too many people nowadays are in roles that bring them little to no joy. You shouldn’t wake up each morning feeling a sense of dread at heading into the working day. If you feel this way, it’s time to make a change. What you need to change will depend on you as an individual, but one major element of anyone’s work is their mode of work and the type of work that they do. You may find that changing the way you work will benefit you in the long run. Here are a few suggestions that could tick your boxes and bring a smile to your face.

Freelance Work

Have you ever considered freelance work? When you are a freelancer, you work for yourself. You choose a skillset to sell to clients on a project by project or contracted basis. This could be writing someone’s website for them, taking some product photographs, tutoring someone’s kid in a specific subject, giving singing lessons or anything else. If you have a skill that you can provide as a service to someone else, you are capable of freelancing. Start by registering as self employed. This will allow you to pay your tax on self employed income at the end of each tax year. Then start advertising your services and find some clients. There are plenty of sites and jobs boards out there that can prove useful with this. Make sure to create contracts between you and anyone you work for. This will ensure that your payment terms are well outlined and clear.

Setting Up a Business

Another option is to start a small business. Here, you can provide services or goods to customers under a branded name. This gives you more control and choice over what field you work in, as well as what hours you work, who you work with and more. You will need to start out by deciding what you want to sell. This could be anything from ready meals to t-shirts to stationery to hand crafted goods. The list of potential goes on. You will need to create a website to sell from. This is lower risk and lower cost than setting up a physical store. A website design specialist will be able to help with this. Then manufacture your goods, ensure they are quality and tested and send them to people who make purchases through your site. As you experience success and can invest more in your business, you can grow your team.

Changing Companies

Of course, you don’t have to go self employed if you enjoy the benefits of employed work. At the end of the day, healthcare, annual leave, sick pay and more can prove really beneficial in the long run. You may simply find that you just need to switch the company you work for, finding somewhere that shows you more respect, offers more opportunity and has a healthier working culture and envrionment.

Of course, these are big chances to make, but they can really pay off. Hopefully, some of the information abvoe will help you to find a mode of work that puts a smile on your face each time you start the day!