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I just so happened to look down at my arm one night and boom…there was my next Healthy Living post idea – fitness trackers. Many people want to know if fitness trackers work and do they motivate you to get off your butt and exercise, or are they just a big waste of time.

After owning now four – yes four – Fitbits over the past two years, I think I’m qualified enough to answer those questions.

Why I’ve had four Fitbits
So I got my very first fitness tracker during Christmas 2014. It was a Fitbit Flex and I wore it everyday for about 6 months.
I’m not much of an everyday watch or bracelet wearer, so I had to get used to having something on my wrist, but overall it worked out.
So why did I stop using it?
My arm started to break out. Initially I thought it was the band irritating my skin, but then I later realized something else. When I first got my fitness tracker, it was cold outside and the weather gradually got warmer the longer I wore it. I think my body sweat combined with the material wasn’t a fit for me.
Trust me, this broke my heart because I love my Fitbit (for reasons below). I tried switching arms, buying new, cuter bands, but in the end nothing helped – so I ditched it.
Later that summer I bought the Fitbit Zip because it clipped onto my clothes and I wouldn’t have skin irritation problems. Long story short, I kept losing it. I would clip it on a jean pocket, put the jeans in the dirty clothes and forget it was attached. Even worse, I would forget to attach it to my clothes period. Many times it would be left on my dresser.

My boyfriend randomly bought me the third one – a Fitbit Charge, but it wouldn’t stay “charged” – ironically. My last Fitbit – the Flex 2 – was a gift and I still have it. I wore it for the first two weeks and now…not so much.

So what did I like about my fitness trackers, specifically the Fitbit?

  • You can complete challenges with friends that keep you motivated
  • The app was easy to use and helped you keep track of your progress
  • The badges you can earn give you a boost of confidence
  • You can track food, weight, sleep
Do fitness trackers, like the Fitbit work?
I’d say so! My steps were tracked accurately and by completing the challenges while competing against my friends, it really motivated me to get off my butt. Many times I’d just walk around my house to get extra steps in.
So why don’t I use a fitness tracker now?
If you paid attention, my last Fitbit, I don’t use anymore. I’m not using it because I’ve had any issues with it. I just think I’m at a different place right now where fitness isn’t my first priority, but instead I’m much more interested in my overall health and nutrition.
I’m not really interested in toning up or losing weight. I’m just moving at my own pace.
But would I recommend you buy one if you’re interested?
I sure do! They’ve been super helpful in helping me identify how active I truly am during the day. I learned I wasn’t as active as I thought I was. It helped me track my sleep so now I know how much sleep I need at night…and so forth.
What has been your experience with fitness trackers?

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