Healthy living is a great way to take care of yourself. Diet and exercise immediately come to mind when we talk about this subject. But there is so much more to it than that. From top to bottom, quite literally, from your ears to your feet, here are some things not to neglect.

Practicing Good Ear Care

It is a misconception that we only lose our hearing as we get older. This is, of course, natural. But we can also begin to lose hearing at any age, and there are many things that can affect it. Your lifestyle is a perfect example. This can also cause tinnitus in many cases. Choosing a reliable hearing aid provider is often the first step to getting help. But looking after your ears by quitting smoking and drinking, using ear protection, and seeing an audiologist are recommended.

Hair and Facial Cleansing

Taking care of your face and hair is a top priority for most people. This is because they are typically what others look at when we are engaging or in public. Good facial cleansing will also prevent issues like dry skin, oily skin, and spots. And washing your hair properly gets rid of any grease. There is also the social issue that comes with not washing. And these can cause all kinds of mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress, and low confidence when we are out.

Your Teeth and Healthy Living

Smiling doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But wouldn’t it be great if you could smile more? Don’t be alarmed if you feel your smile isn’t good enough. Around 50% of people don’t like their smile, even people with what we would call a great smile. If you don’t need any complex dental work, looking after your teeth is simple enough. Brushing twice a day (with a rotary toothbrush if you can afford one) is the least you should do. A good mouthwash will also clean much better. And if you do need some extra help and want to learn more about loose teeth treatment, for example, make sure you speak to an expert to get the right guidance. 

Hand and Foot Care

We can often overlook our hands and feet. But why? They do much of the work for us throughout our day, so wouldn’t you say they deserve a little respect? Manicures and pedicures can help them look better, which is great. But soothing the aches and pains of a hard week’s work gives them a little TLC. Simple hand massage with oils helps get more blood flowing to the essential muscles. And a home foot spa (which is pretty cheap) works wonders for your little tootsies.

Your Intimate Areas

Finally, but maybe the most important, is your intimate areas. No one should be embarrassed here, as we all have them. Now, looking after these sensitive areas is crucial. Personal hygiene is a top priority when it comes to your intimate areas. These should be cleaned with soap and water every day, especially after being intimate with others. It is advised that you also use protection whenever you can and book regular STD tests because you really never know.


Looking after your ears is one way to enhance your personal healthy living goals. This also goes for good dental hygiene. And looking after your sensitive areas should be considered a priority.