When you are trying to improve your health and wellbeing, it is important that you take a look at your lifestyle. Things like the food that you eat or how much exercise you do have a huge effect on your mood and your overall wellbeing.

Engaging in positive activities, like meditation, can be a big help as well. But have you considered the clothes that you wear and how they may affect your wellbeing?

Many of us don’t really think about it, but the way that you dress can actually have a big effect, and it’s important that you are more conscious of it. When it comes to dressing for an event or photoshoot I can be super stylish, but one a daily basis my style is simple. It’s taken me a few years to realize that specific colors and styles truly do brighten my mood.

how clothes impact your mood
This was one of my favorite looks from a magazine photoshoot. I normally wouldn’t have picked this out in the store but because I was styled, I got to try something new and it looked fabulous!

These are some of the ways that your clothes affect your mood and your wellbeing. 

Improving Relaxation 

When you are stressed out and things are starting to get on top of you, it’s important that you find ways to relax. Everybody has their own self-care routine and we all like to do different things to relax, but whatever you are doing, you should always think about your clothes.

Wearing some comfortable loungewear helps you to relax and reduce stress in a big way. So, when you get home after a hard day at work or you finally put the kids to bed after a busy day, change into something comfortable and you will notice a big difference right away. 

Boosting Confidence 

Lack of confidence can seriously affect your wellbeing and your mental health, and it may lead to issues with anxiety. But your clothing can make a big difference here as well because the way that you dress can help you to boost your self-confidence in a big way.

When you wear clothes that are comfortable but also make you look good, it makes you feel so much better about yourself, and that confidence shines through. People often find that they get stuck in a bit of a rut and they end up wearing the same clothes over and over, and that doesn’t make them feel good. But if you buy a few new outfits and make a bit of a change, it can boost your confidence overnight.

You should also try to wear clothes that reflect the way that you want to feel. For example, wearing an outfit that is all dark colors is not going to make you feel very positive, but a colorful outfit will. 

how clothes can boost your mood
This bright mustard yellow has become one of my favorites over the past few years. It complements my skin tone and makes me feel so confident.

Improving Exercise 

We all know that exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mental and physical health, but sometimes, it’s tough to find the motivation to workout. However, if you invest in some good workout gear, your attitude will change.

This is whole-heartily the truth. I’m just days away from completing Chloe Ting’s 28-Day Summer Shred Challenge and once I invested in new workout gear I was so much more excited to exercise.

When you dress the part, you will feel in the mood to work out and once you get changed into your workout clothes, you will be far less likely to back out. Wearing good quality workout gear also helps to improve performance and relieves issues with sore muscles, which can make it difficult to keep up with a routine. 

If you don’t normally pay much attention to your clothes, you should start thinking about it more because it can have a big impact on your health and wellbeing. 

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