Are you considering getting pregnant quickly and easily and want to try everything so that it doesn’t take many months, or you have to undergo complicated treatments? You should know that there are no magic formulas to get pregnant in a short time and without any problem, but if you are a couple predisposed to conceive without many obstacles, there are different ways to try. It should be appreciated that sometimes only IVF treatments are available to some couples, and therefore it’s good to research the best treatments. AFCC has above average IVF success rates, and so this is worth looking into. 

How to get pregnant?

  • Living a healthy lifestyle can greatly help you. Many women wonder how to get pregnant quickly and easily have unhealthy lifestyle habits. Poor diet, alcohol or tobacco consumption, or the current fast pace of life are just some of the practices that should be avoided when looking for a baby. Stress and general malaise drastically reduce the chances of getting pregnant.
  • It is essential to eat a balanced diet. It is prevalent for a woman who is too underweight to have difficulties conceiving. Although being overweight is not good either. We must try to maintain weight by our physical characteristics. Otherwise, when a woman is not physically well, her body instinctively shields itself from the possibility of engendering a life that it is not in optimal condition to support.
  • Avoid stressful situations. If you already have another child and have a hard time getting pregnant with the second, consider if you are going through an incredibly stressful situation. Such as an upset in the family, a job change, or a problematic situation related to your child, such as nocturnal enuresis, continuous tantrums, types of diseases etc.

Can I get pregnant if I have irregular periods?

Having irregular menstrual cycles does not have to make it impossible to get pregnant. However, the truth is that in women with irregular cycles, it is difficult to predict ovulation since it can occur at any time, so finding the right day to have sex is not easy. Ideally, if you have an irregular cycle, you should have sexual intercourse every 2-3 days to increase the probability of an egg-sperm encounter. Also, you can use an ovulation test or use a calandar. These are test strips that detect the elevation of the LH hormone in urine. This hormone is released from the beginning of the cycle and reaches its maximum of 24-36 hours before ovulation. When the test is positive, the couple can concentrate on sexual intercourse on those days. 

If you are taking birth control pills and are looking for pregnancy, you have probably wondered when to stop. Well, you should know that birth control pills have the great advantage that, once you stop, they allow conception within a few weeks of their suspension. According to statistics, in about 50% of cases, pregnancy occurs within two months after stopping the pill; and in 85% of cases, before six months.