Hey Curlies,

This may sound a bit dramatic, but you’ll find a new sense of peace when you discover your staple curly hair products. When I say “staple,” I mean those holy grail products that work wonders on your curly hair. I’m talking about the products you run and tell your friends about.

Over the years I’ve used some pretty awesome products thanks to a couple of the methods I’m sharing below on how to find your staple curly hair products.

Once you find your staples, styling will become easier, wash day will become easier…trust me – everything will be easier.

Since I’ve found mine (see them in the first link below), I’m sharing ways you can find yours.


Ways to find some of your favorite curly hair products - ClassyCurlies

Here are a couple of ways you can find your staple curly hair product:

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Subscribe to Curlkit 
One of the ways I discovered some of my favorite brands was by subscribing to Curlkit, a monthly kit delivered to your home filled with natural hair products. Intrigued? The kit contains some sample-sized and several full-sized products from a variety of brands – think Creme of Nature, Alikay Naturals, Lotta Body and Mop Top. This allows you to try an array of brands for one flat fee (without spending $10 per product).

Check out my latest Curlkit unboxing below and don’t forget to grab your coupon code to save 10 percent off your first order.

Attend Product Swaps
I found one of my favorite conditioners – TRESemme Naturals – while attending a product swap event in Indianapolis. A product swap event is where you bring some of the hair products that you own and do not like. Other attendees do the same. Like they say – one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure. You all will swap products and you get to try something new – for free.

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Are there any other methods you’ve used to try new curly hair products? Drop them below in the comments section.







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