There’s no denying that the Internet is full of articles on how to improve your beauty. Some methods seem to make sense, while others are just downright weird and extremely questionable!

But what if you want to achieve a more natural beauty regime? What are the types of things you should be doing? Take a look at the following five ‘tricks’ to boost your beauty more naturally:

1. Subtly accentuate your facial features

The sad truth is some ladies spend far too much time caking their faces with many layers of makeup and other facial beauty products. If you want to avoid being guilty of doing that, you instead need to accentuate your facial features subtly. But how can you do that?

One example is by using eyeshadow palettes that are a good match for your skin tones. Another is by only spot-applying concealer instead of cloaking your face in it.

2. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

If you’re someone that spends their time eating a lot of fast food or unhealthy processed food, it’s time to kick the habit. Why? The answer is simple: a diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables gives your body the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs.

You don’t necessarily need to become a vegetarian or vegan. What you should do is have a balanced diet that consists mainly of fruit and vegetables. Aside from improving your looks, your body will also feel much healthier as a result.

3. Drink plenty of water

Are you worried about wrinkles, fine lines, and “crow’s feet” ruining an otherwise unblemished appearance? If the answer’s yes, you must keep your skin hydrated at all times.

You might have thought the solution is to apply various skincare products. However, the answer’s much easier – and cheaper: just drink plenty of water! When you drink a lot of water each day, you do two things.

First of all, the water you consume flushes out harmful toxins from your body. Secondly, and arguably most importantly, you keep your skin hydrated and improve its elasticity, thereby reducing the likelihood of wrinkles.

4. Only use natural beauty products

Have you ever researched the ingredients that go into the beauty products you use each day? If you haven’t, you might be in for a big shock! Some mainstream beauty products contain chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for your body or skin.

That’s why you should seriously consider only using natural beauty products. Such products sometimes get labeled as vegan, organic, or cruelty-free. In any event, be sure to check the ingredients list and research anything that doesn’t sound like a natural ingredient.

5. Stop drinking and smoking

Finally, if you consume alcohol or smoke regularly, you ought to consider quitting those two unhealthy habits. Many studies have shown that alcohol and tobacco pump your body full of toxic substances.

Those unwanted chemicals aren’t just bad for your health in general; they also don’t do your natural beauty any favors!