Hey Curlies!

As you all may know, I LOVE twist and twist outs. I know a lot of curlies are still trying to master the twist out and second day hair. Wouldn’t it just be FABULOUS to wake up the next morning and have second day hair?! You wouldn’t have to do any fixing, just fluff and keep it moving. Here are my tips and tricks to achieving both of these styles.

Twist Out Secrets

  • Twists in the direction you would like your twists to fall. Do not twist toward the front of your face thinking that in the morning it will fall toward the back of your head. You have to train your twists.
  • I always have a better chance at achieving second day hair with damp or wet twists. When I do dry twist outs, I have to retwist at night.
  • Flat twists sometimes show more length( in the photo below) so I usually do them right in the front of my head so that the next morning, hair can fall in front of my face. Flat twists also eliminates puffy roots.
2nd Day Hair Secrets

  • Try Pineappling your hair at night by gathering all of your twists up to the top of your head. You can also create mini pineapples all over your head. This prevents your hair from being crushed at night.
  • Again, curl definition lasts longer when doing twists wet or damp because when they dry, the twist mold into the twist formation and freezes that way even when you unravel them.
  • Leaving twists in for more that one day/ night helps mold the twist more. If you are too embarrassed to wear your twists outside DON’T FRET! lol. The Fall and Winter time is the PERFECT time to try out all of those hair accessories that you’ve been dying to try. (Beanies, scarfs, flowers) You can also pin them up into a style.
  • Usually at night I apply an oil to my hair and simply put on a bonnet and lay down. In the morning, I add more oil and fluff for volume and body.
What do you do to achieve 2nd day hair???