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Many of us are finding ourselves at home more than normal due to the recent stay-at-home orders. This also may mean that your normal hair care routine has been thrown off.

Hair salons and barbershops are closed and that has left many women lost as to what to do with their hair. If you’ve been thinking about going natural, now is the perfect time to embrace the look and lifestyle.

Here’s why:

  • If you’re staying home more than often, you can test out new styles in the comfort of your own home
  • Take your time finding your new favorite hair products
  • It’s a great time to gain more self-awareness and confidence in your new look

Being natural for over 10 years, I recommend always giving great thought to a decision such as this one. Embracing your natural hair is a beautiful thing, but it requires work until you get the hang of it.

Tips for Embracing your Natural Hair During Quarantine

Do your research: You don’t want to start the process of going natural without doing some research first. The internet is loaded with content to help you get your journey started. It’s wise to read what other women’s experiences have been like, and what techniques have worked for them.

Get to know your hair: Everyone’s hair is different, which why you’ll need to learn yours. This includes your curl pattern, porosity, and texture (fine, coarse, etc.). If you’re lost, think back to when you were a child. Some people have early memories of their natural hair from their childhood. Though years of relaxers can change what you may see today, it’s still a good place to start.

Start with recommended products: The natural hair industry is saturated with hair products. It’s best to start with those recommended by friends and family. They can give you insight into cost, smell, texture, and show you results. For example, my favorite conditioner is Make It Classy’s Blissful Brooklyn Conditioner.

Think minimal when it comes to styling: This is usually where people get discouraged. They can’t seem to find a style that works for them. One of the best parts about starting your natural hair journey while in quarantine is that you don’t have to be presentable 100% of the time. Take the pressure off yourself by wearing ponytails, buns, twists, wigs, turbans, and braids. There are different levels of hairstyles, so start at the bottom and work your way up to more complex styles like flexi rods and twistouts.

I’m excited you’re considering embracing your natural hair, and this website has 10 years worth of natural hair content. Here are a few places I think you should read up on next:

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