So you want to work out but you are worried about what to do with your hair. That’s completely normal apprehension. 

I know that my routine looks different than most people’s so I went digging into the various groups that I’m a part of to see what people are saying about caring for natural hair and working out. 

Here are some tips: 

  1. For my transitioning ladies or those who like their hair straight, you may not be able to get elaborate styles but it’s best to leave your hair in your scarf then get your workout in. Leave your hair tied up until you are done showering and dressing for the day! 
  2. If you are loc’ed, everyone seems to maintain a 4 to 6-week wash routine. If you sweat heavily, the recommendation is to clean your scalp with your preferred scalp cleaner like witch hazel, an apple cider vinegar solution, or rosewater. Also, a lot of ladies said they will wear headscarves or hats to soak up the sweat and keep hairstyles fresh. 
  3. Those who wear weaves or braids, the consensus seems to be to keep your hair scarf on during workouts to manage the sweat, keep your scalp clean, and maintain your normal care routine. 
  4. Remember what works for one will not work for all so try a few things. If you are unsure and have a stylist, ask what their recommendations may be on staying active. If you don’t have a stylist or they don’t have recommendations, ask an active friend who wears their hair similar to yours. The goal is to find a regime that works for you and your hair. 

My biggest admonishment is: Do not let your hairstyle stop you from the wonderful benefits of exercising! Be intentional in finding what works to start and stay active. 

Learn more about taking care of your natural hair HERE.

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